What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medicine is the treatment and prevention of diseases such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and other psychological and psychiatric diseases as well as all age related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer, parkinson using natural nutritional and herbal based medicine instead of drug based medicine such as psychotropic drugs. The advantage of Nutritional Medicine over drug based medicine is the absence of side effects including tolerance effects and dependency effects as well as other common detrimental side effects including death of brain cells, memory losses, impotency and loss of sexual drive or libido. Nutritional Medicine is also evidence based with thousands of research papers supporting its treatment efficacy. Please consult a doctor or health practitioner trained in Nutritional Medicine for your treatment process.



Carly had a good career, a good family, and a good home. She was doing well in life. But due to a restructuring at her company, Carly was moved to a different department at her work place. Carly was constantly stressed under her new boss due to unreasonable amount of work and because of this she began to have difficulty sleeping. Carly would constantly go to bed worrying and thinking about her work, she couldn’t catch a night’s worth of sleep. She would just lie in bed the whole night with her laptop on and paperwork piled all around her. Carly was beginning to worry her family. Her husband, Harold, would often try to talk sense into her to get her to rest but she refuses saying she needs to get all of the work done. Harold even tried to get their children to coax their mother to sleep, she complies but wakes up after the children leaves and goes back to work. Harold would get so frustrated with her constant movements and the light being turned on that he would sleep in the guestroom instead, thus causing a strain in their marriage.

What Carly and her family are experiencing is not unusual, many people suffer from insomnia. Insomnia has become an increasingly prevalent disorder in our modern, fast-paced, and stressful world. It is especially frequent with people who are easily stressed and who do not have good coping abilities. Carly felt the weight of her actions toward her family, she realized that her family was getting distant and she decided to seek for professional help. Carly called International Psychology Centre® and made an appointment to have an initial assessment with the team of trained psychologists. The assessment diagnosed Carly with acute insomnia. According to the DSM-V, the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual for Mental Disorders, acute insomnia is a condition lasting from a few days to a few weeks, often associated with life events or a change in sleep schedule. These symptoms may produce significant distress, and interfere with personal, occupational, and social functioning.

helpA combination of therapeutic techniques and materials were prescribed for Carly. She was prescribed psycho-nutritional supplements such as Tryptophan to increase her melatonin level. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates the sleeping cycle and sleeping pattern in humans and in animals. With that, Carly would be able to have longer hours of good sleep. She was also prescribed Anti Insomnia PsychoAromatherapy, which is a specific blend of essentials oils that are soothing and calming to help a person sleep faster, longer, and better. Social & Emotional Intelligence Therapy was also included and it is an innovative therapeutic framework that takes place through the direct and creative dialogue through various natural direct activities and thereby developed other multiple intelligence including interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence such as stress management, problem solving and reality testing skills. Carly also went through Insomnia Psychotherapy, a psychological and specific form of psychotherapy to explore the many different sub-personalities in a human. This therapy helps the client to embrace and function coherently with the different personalities in them, especially the worrying as well as confident parts of themselves.

After several sessions of individual Insomnia Psychotherapy, a better communication between Carly, Harold (Carly’s husband), Tanya, and Anne (Carly’s two daughters) was established and Carly’s family were happy to be able to talk and communicate with Carly again. Carly was able to talk to her husband about her problems at work, and their relationship was getting better again. Carly feels better now that she has better quality and quantity of sleep.

“Insomnia can be a dangerous problem. Not only does it affect a person’s physical healthy but also affecting a person in every aspect, be it social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and so forth. By finding out what is the cause of insomnia such as a stressor, and subsequently teaching a person to handle the problem effectively and efficiently, insomnia will cease to exist,” says Dr. WengLok Chan, the Principal Consultant Psychologist of PsyCare™, Centre of Excellence for Personal and Corporate Growth at the International Psychology Center® (psychologyuni.com).